DT4Regions: Big Data and public administration


DT4Regions wins the call for tenders for the Preparatory Action “Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in the Digital Transformation of Public Administrations in Europe” to test the application of artificial intelligence and Big Data in the organisational and operational processes of the Public Administration.

The Emilia-Romagna Region is leading the strategic project within a partnership of 12 other European regions and private partners.
Key areas: Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.
Objective: digital transformation of public organisations.

The project is closely related to the objectives of the new EU financial programming. In particular, Digital Europe will support the uptake of digital technologies in areas of public interest and focus on the development and deployment of interoperable digital solutions in the public sector. The ambitious aim is to ensure access to the most advanced digital technologies, with a focus on high performance computing, artificial intelligence and cyber security.

In the consortium, together with Emilia-Romagna Region and representatives of the private sector and European networks, there are among others: Catalonia and Basque Country (ES), Flanders (BE), Helsinki-Uusimaa (FI), Nouvelle-Aquitaine (FR), Greater London (GB), South Moravia (CZ), some of the most competitive regions and local authorities in Europe. Other German and Emilia-Romagna Region companies are joining the project. ART-ER and Lepida Scpa will support the Emilia-Romagna Region, both members of Big Data Association.

Link to the news: https://www.regione.emilia-romagna.it/notizie/2021/aprile/innovazione-big-data-e-pa-la-regione-emilia-romagna-guida-la-piattaforma-dt4regions and https://www.art-er.it/2021/04/big-data-e-trasformazione-digitale-della-pubblica-amministrazione-la-regione-emilia-romagna-vince-la-call-europea/

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