About us

The Associazione Big Data was set up to interconnect and jointly exploit the knowledge, research and innovation potentials of high performance computing, big data analysis, deep and machine learning algorithms, high bandwidth networks, as future technological pillars of digital society, that will also require the development of new skills and technologies.

The Associazione Big Data is open to national and international stakeholders from the scientific, research and  business communities, to define shared strategies and effective action and initiatives for the future of this scope.

Our mission is to facilitate:

  • the sharing and exploiting of existing results, knowledge, capacities, research and innovation initiatives and frameworks;
  • cooperation between public and private entities, maximizing the leverage effects of R&I public and private investments;
  • joint actions including coordination, planning, facilitating and promoting relevant R&I actions, policies and international cooperation activities;
  • researcher careers, training and mobility and, in general, the development of skills in the big data and AI domains.
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