Exscalate4Cov : Raloxifene against Covid-19

Last June, Exscalate4Cov, the private-public consortium supported by EU’s Horizon 2020 program for research and innovation, has announced an important result achieved with raloxifene.
By the in silico test, the consortium, consisted of Associazione Big Data and other 17 partners coordinated by Dompè farmaceutici, has  already tested 400 000 molecules made available by Dompè farmaceutici and Fraunhofer Institute.
In the first part, during the virtual test, the priority was given to molecules actually on the market and considered as “safe in man”.
The in silico test has already preselected 7000 compounds that will be further tested in vitro.

Raloxifene is currently on the market for the treatment of osteoporosis and is well-tolerated with a known safety profile.
The in silico test has shown as the molecule is a promising molecule in mildly symptomatic  Covid19 patients to halt the spread of infection. The compound already proven effective against Mers and Sars in preclinical tests, has been indicated as effective against Sars-Cov2 by the researches conducted by the consortium which have shown efficacy in countering the replication of the virus in cells by blocking the progression of the disease.

As the next step, after the results achieved by in silico and in vitro test, the consortium will be discussing with the European Medicine Agency about how to perform the clinical trials on the patients to evaluate the new potential use of raloxifene in the fight  against coronavirus pandemic.

Official press release here.

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