OECD monitor: Exscalate4Cov project as Italy’s political response to Coronavirus

On the website of the OECD SURVEY ON THE SCIENCE AND INNOVATION POLICY RESPONSES TO CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19), https://stip.oecd.org/Covid.html, you can find the mention of the EXSCALATE4COV european project on the Italian flag.The information is submitted by the Associazione Big Data speakperson, Mr. Fabio Fava,  who is also a delegate for Italy to the OECD’s Committee for Science and Technology Policy (CSTP).There is a wide range of  science, technology and innovation policies  measures and arrangements countries are using to respond to the Covid-19 crisis. This monitor of OECD seeks to collect information on these, to provide a cross-country information service that S&I policy makers can use when designing their own policies.The Associazione Big Data has promoted EXSCALATE4COV as Italy’s new approach to address the coronavirus crisis (e.g. use of machine learning, open science initiatives boosting access and sharing of data and research results, development and use of prediction models).You can read  the publication here:https://stiplab.github.io/Covid19/Q5.html

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